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Kec. Nusa Penida, Indonesia Kec. Nusa Penida, Indonesia

Yoga Holiday on Nusa Lembongan

Nestled in the heart of lembongan, our unique retreat invites you to experience a harmonious blend of calm and adventure, where sustainable practices meet the serenity of the island. our skilled instructors and guides in yoga, and spa therapist ensure a high-quality and safe experience, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced learner. this retreat is carefully designed and tailored to ensure that you have the best experience to bring home and share with your friends and loved ones. we support and collaborate with local businesses to maintain our strong and safe community.our cozy accommodation is located just stroll away from the beach. the lovely balinese family who operates our accommodation will go beyond to ensure your stay is enjoyable. all rooms are equipped with air conditioners and hot water, the wifi goes throughout the property. family-like ambiance makes you feel like you are home, just better. 

Kuta, Indonesia Kuta, Indonesia

DreamSea Bali Surf & Yoga Experience - 5 days

Bali is an enchanting land with an incredible blend of natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, vibrant lifestyle, and world-class waves. it boasts stunning beaches with crystal-clear waters, lush jungles, and picturesque rice terraces that provide a perfect backdrop for relaxation and adventure. staying at the dreamsea bali surf camp will give you access to all this magic and more! the surf camp is situated on the clifftops overlooking padang padang, which is regarded as one of the best waves in the world best left to advanced and pro surfers. just a short stroll up the beach from the camp you will find “baby padang”, where beginners, intermediates, and longboarders can enjoy a mellow user-friendly wave. the dreamsea surf & yoga experience has been put together for all yoga and ocean lovers who want to further their journey in both practices. from daily surf lessons and yoga classes to enjoying sunset beers watching monkeys playing on the beach and perfect waves rolling past, this experience will set your soul alight with stoke and a newfound joy for the beauty of life. there are three different accommodation options available when staying at dreamsea bali. the private 2-person suite room has a sea view and a private bathroom. the ensuite twin room is a shared room with a sea view and private bathroom and the twin room is a shared room with a sea view and shared bathroom. charming at any time of the day and more attractive as the sun sets, the outdoor tiki bar offers a relaxing ambiance and a range of smoothies,  international wine, and author cocktails. the ideal spot to relax and meet more wandering souls after a day of surfing and adventures. say yes to adventure, say yes to your bali surf & yoga experience! *special note: our beautiful accommodation melts with the environment and is in an astonishing location: hanging literally from the cliffs in front of the ocean, this privileged location allows you to have the best views from your room, but the access to the cliffs is through 200 steps. therefore, it's not suitable for everybody. if you have knee problems or think the steps would be an issue for you, maybe we can recommend a more suitable place. we kindly ask you to consider traveling with minimal and lightweight luggage if feasible. 

Kabupaten Raja Ampat, Indonesia Kabupaten Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Kri Eco Resort - 14 Day Unlimited Diving Package

This package is recommended for guests who plan to do an average of 3 dives each day, with a maximum of 4 dives per day. includes a special full-day excursion with the possibility to snorkel and/or do 2 dives. in 1990, papua diving's founder max ammer came to raja ampat and set up the area's first dive resort. since then, we have focused on supporting local communities, conservation and outstanding service. by staying at papua diving resorts, you become part of the effort to protect this beautiful yet fragile environment. from offering schooling and sustainable employment for indigenous people to boosting shark populations, papua diving's aim is to leave this world better than we found it.

Canggu, Indonesia Canggu, Indonesia

Aerial Yoga & Surf Experience - Mondo Village - 7 Nights

Mondo village, nestled between the beach and the rice fields of canggu, is a unique surf retreat that offers a variety of different surf and stay packages.  the aerial yoga & surf package is suitable for people of all levels who want to try something new and explore the wonderful world of aerial yoga. aerial yoga is a type of yoga that combines pilates movements and traditional yoga poses, spiced up with dance exercises while using a hammock to help and support the different postures. aerial yoga is a fun way to safely explore new movements and learn about correct yoga alignments and postures.   mondo has a variety of different room options and each room has a private bathroom, tv and dvd, mini fridge, ac as well as a safe deposit box. our common areas are spacious and surrounded by nature, perfect for a yoga session or some private time while the swimming pool is a popular spot to hang out during the afternoons after a full day of surfing and exploring. the mondo aerial yoga & surf experience is a fun option for those curious souls wanting to mix things up during their learn-how-to-surf vacation while staying in one of bali’s most beautiful locations. 

Kuta Lombok, Indonesia Kuta Lombok, Indonesia

FLOATING YOU - A Holistic Surf & Yoga Retreat in Lombok

Avaialable dates for 2024: june 04 - 11    i   august 31 - september 07     i   october 29 - november 05 treat yourself and let us guide you through 7 wholesome days focusing just on yourself and your spiritual and physical well-being. we are here to support your growth, evolving into a new version of yourself. floating you invites you to a holistic experience through waves and wisdom. supported by the swells of the indian ocean, your own beautiful being, and a few souls that are here to support you along the way in lombok, bali’s stunning neighboring island in indonesia. a whole week catching turquoise waves and bathing in beautiful bays. take the time to listen to the needs of your body, mind, and soul. allow yourself to connect to the present moment, away from all the noise. let yourself sink deeper through yoga practices, feel your full heart through our sacred new moon cacao ceremony, transcend through the warm tones of sound healing and fully surrender to just be. we are not just a ‘surf camp’ – imagine a place that introduces you to ‘surfing’ as a beautiful tool that makes you feel more alive than ever before. a practice, that lets you connect to mother nature on so many unexpected levels. eventually see sunrise and sunsets from the surf spot, energetic mountains surrounding you. if you are lucky enough, turtles will come say hi to you while you wait to catch a wave. if you are starting your surfing journey with us or continuing it – the waves in lombok are suitable for all levels. surfing is not just a physical activity, but also an extraordinary way to connect to the elements of our earth – providing us with new perspectives to stimulate peace, happiness, and liveliness. the dry land awaits you with safe spaces where you can dive deeper into yoga practices and their philosophy. learn about stillness through meditation & the power of breath.the allowance for the present moment. total surrender and acceptance of the person you are today and who you can become tomorrow. this retreat is made for anyone who is longing for connection: to yourself, to other people around you, or to the earth we live on. a road map to your internal compass with respect to your own value system. we take all of our activities, practices & rituals very seriously. we want you to grow in each section and at the same time provide you with inspiring techniques to unfold and heal in your own time and space. we combine various yoga styles, surfing, meditations, sound healing, breathing techniques, a new moon cacao ceremony (plant medicine), workshops, creative sessions & movements, energy work, healthy hearty meals, and nature strolls to set you up for your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. lombok’s scenery is absolutely dreamy and in service to support you in these 7 days with its natural beauty: stunning surf spots, turquoise crystal clear water, untouched beaches, valleys of green mountains, natural habitats for animals and plants, breathtaking sunsets and sunrises and a loving local community with big smiles on their faces. our surf school partner, lombok logs, has been around lombok’s south coast for 5 years. wave knowledge, support, coaching (1:2), theory lessons and surf analysis after each surf is waiting for you. our yoga teachers are like family members - knowing exactly how to translate our concept into their beautiful teachings.
 all of them are yoga alliance-certified yoga and meditation teachers, having shared their wisdom in the east and in the west. helping others realize their fullest and highest potential is where we add a sense of meaning and purpose to our own life. additionally, we’ll be exploring the wilderness of this island: coastlines, local villages, and extremely delicious food. you stay in a luxurious boutique oasis in the valley of kuta lombok. green jungle gazes are promised.  you’ll wake up every morning hearing tropical birds singing, rest in tastefully decorated rooms (can be shared on request!), and enjoy our in-house private bamboo yoga shala & and 2 large pools with cabanas and sunbeds. you’ll leave this retreat with charged batteries, an open heart, a feeling of fullness, and a lot of new friends – that’s a promise! more info here

Bali, Indonesia Bali, Indonesia

Balance Package

Combines surfing and yoga as a healthy complement of these two practices together. nestled in a serene oasis, our surf & yoga camp offers a transformative experience that combines physical activity, relaxation, and cultural exploration. our aim is to provide you with a fulfilling retreat experience in “the island of the gods”. bali’s combination of world-class surfing, thriving yoga scene, rich culture, natural beauty, and holistic wellness offerings makes it a compelling destination for those who love both surfing and yoga. join the island’s serene environment by staying in surf & yoga retreats uluwatu. we assure you an exciting surfing experience and an opportunity to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit in a tropical paradise.

Explore Southern Sri Lanka

Explore Southern Sri Lanka

Discover the best of Southern Sri Lanka with Lotus Surf & Wellness

North Sumatra, Indonesia North Sumatra, Indonesia

Puri Asu Standard Package - Surfers Paradise

Puri asu resort is the ultimate surfer’s paradise. a peaceful sanctuary for those who are looking to escape the typical, mainstream, highly commercial holiday resort. asu island has some of the most consistent and best quality waves in indonesia, with many of the waves easily accessible from puri asu resort. all rooms are family-friendly and suitable for children, have air conditioning, and western standard bathrooms with hot water showers. the onsite restaurant offers flexible dining options from our internationally-trained chef. the tropical paradise that surrounds puri asu resort offers more than just amazing surfing. the resort offers plenty of recreational equipment to make exploring and enjoying the local environment easy for all guests. it is safe to walk around the island, everybody knows each other and is happy to share their paradise. island living at its best! if you are looking for a surf adventure on a tropical island away from the crowds, puri asu is the place for you!

Kedungu, Indonesia Kedungu, Indonesia

Seaside Tribe Surf & Stay Experience

Seaside tribe bali, situated 20 minutes from canggu in a small balinese village, is a beautifully curated space for all lovers of the sea, surfing, great food, and good company. with a focus on comfort, community, and all-round good vibes, seaside tribe is a great place to stay for solo travelers, couples, or small groups of friends who don’t want to stay in a rowdy surf camp, but who still want to make new friends and have a good time in a community of likeminded travelers. seaside tribe bali offers two different accommodation options: the dreamer's cabin is perfect for single travelers or couples who like it dreamy & cozy. the drifter suite is a bit more spacious and also has a corner sofa in the room. the seaside tribe surf and stay packages include daily surf lessons with qualified surf coaches, making this a great option for any adventurous travelers who are looking for an incredible learn-to-surf holiday in bali. say yes to your bali surf adventure! come join us at seaside tribe bali!

Sumatera Barat, Indonesia Sumatera Barat, Indonesia

Luxury Driftwood Mentawai Surf Trip - High Season

Driftwood mentawai resort, located at the heart of the "playgrounds" region in the northern mentawais, is nestled amongst the palm trees of pulau masokut island – with the ebay surf less than a minute from your front door. our packages include daily surf boats to all of the world-famous waves in the area, transfers to and from padang, all the meals, snacks & drinks your heart could desire. we pride ourselves in offering the most comprehensive, and luxurious, all-inclusive package in the mentawai. the resort hosts only 12 guests at a time, and the all-inclusive packages take care of everything you need, making your trip as joyful and easy as possible! there are 3 different accommodation options available when staying at driftwood mentawai: the treehouse, the bungalows, and the family villa. the treehouse has 2 rooms, offering a/c, incredible views, private bathrooms, and unrivaled comfort among the palm trees. the 2 bungalows offer a/c, private sun decks, private bathrooms, and great jungle views. the family villa is a 2 story wonder. this recent construction includes two balconies, huge floor space, a/c throughout, private bathrooms, and enough space for 4 people. for those adventurous surfers looking to experience the magic of the mentawai islands, this surf trip is for you! 

Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia

4 Day Surf & Yoga Holiday on Nusa Lembongan

We've solely tailored this retreat to balance your escape from hustle and bustle city life. whether you're a seasoned surfer, a yoga enthusiast, or someone seeking a transformative getaway, this surf and yoga retreat is designed to cater to all levels and interests. join as they create a space where the ocean becomes your playground, and the mat becomes your sanctuary – a place where adventure and mindfulness intertwine, leaving you refreshed, renewed, and ready to embrace life's waves with newfound strength and serenity.the lovely balinese family who operates the accommodation will go beyond to ensure your stay is enjoyable. all rooms are equipped with air conditioner and hot water, the wifi goes throughout the property. family-like ambience makes you feel like being home just better. we love to collaborate with local businesses and be the way for them to expand their popularity and undertanding on what peolpe love and care about during vacations. 

West Sumatra, Indonesia West Sumatra, Indonesia

Strike Mission to the Mentawais

Smo is an all-inclusive ecologically conscious surf resort located on the previously uninhabited island of sibigau. our bamboo guest houses are directly in front of the world famous, extremely consistent left hand wave, thunders! there was a time when surfing the unlimited waves of the mentawai island chain meant you had to do so on a live-aboard boat. times have changed and there’s no reason to remain on that cramped boat any longer. sibigau is situated in a prime location for day trips to surf lots of waves near by. it’s possible to wake up before the sun, paddle straight out to the line up, or hop in the boat and get dropped off out the back, bag a morning session, refuel with a nice meal on land, and get back in the boat to explore the many waves near by! we have more than 10 waves in a 10 mile radius! come live on land, relax in a hammock, climb a tree, explore the solitude of the jungle, watch the wave all day while you’re not surfing it, or shredding waves close by, then retire to your private bamboo house with a queen size bed or share with a friend in a double, get a good night’s sleep and be ready to do it again! southern mentawai outpost is designed for people who want to experience the consistency, quality, and intensity of the incredible waves offered by the southern portion of the mentawai islands. at the same time, you can take a guilt-free vacation knowing that you are leaving the smallest possible impact in a beautiful, pristine place – something that is becoming a commodity in today’s crowded and often polluted world. we are confident in stating that no other resort in indonesia is taking the same steps as we are to encourage and maintain sustainability and support the local community and economy. if this matters to you as much as getting barreled on your surf board, then your choice is clear: make smo your eco-conscious surf resort destination.

Bali, Indonesia Bali, Indonesia

Surf Package

For all water lovers who wish to improve their surfing skills. nestled in a serene oasis, our surf & yoga camp offers a transformative experience that combines physical activity, relaxation, and cultural exploration. our aim is to provide you with a fulfilling retreat experience in “the island of the gods”. bali’s combination of world-class surfing, thriving yoga scene, rich culture, natural beauty, and holistic wellness offerings makes it a compelling destination for those who love both surfing and yoga. join the island’s serene environment by staying in surf & yoga retreats uluwatu. we assure you an exciting surfing experience and an opportunity to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit in a tropical paradise.

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