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Swakopmund, Namibia Swakopmund, Namibia

Salty Jackal Surf Camp

Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of namibia, salty jackal surf camp offers a unique escape to the coastline of swakopmund, the perfect town for those seeking adventure, surfing and natural wonders. the surf: for surf enthusiasts and barrel seekers, salty jackal stands as a home away from home to extraordinary surf experiences. with uncrowded waves and often empty lineups, the surf camps cater to all levels of expertise. whether you're a beginner learning the basics or an experienced surfer chasing the world-famous skeleton bay, the camp's international surfing association (isa) qualified instructors ensure a quality surfing experience. the vibe: salty jackal provides a cozy and complete surf house: a 5-bedroom house, centrally located in swakopmund, that boasts a welcoming atmosphere. the international multilingual team, fluent in english, german, italian, dutch, and afrikaans, ensures a warm and inclusive environment. the camp: the surf camp facilities include fiber optic wi-fi (50 mbps), safe parking, and a fully equipped self-catering kitchen. guests can unwind with activities like table tennis, a mini-gym, or relax in the hammocks.  the activities: during your stay, you'll get at least 5 surf days with 1-2 sessions daily. and if conditions allow we'll surf even more! on your arrival, you'll be welcomed by a homemade international dinner. the following nights we'll be organizing a swakopmund city tour on foot and beer tasting, a desert sunset tour, and stargazing night, where we'll be driven far from the coast to walk on the moon and experience the breathtaking view of the milky way while enjoy healthy namibian platters and a few drinks.  the surf camp reflects the spirit of salty jackal, where life follows the rhythm of the wind, waves, and tides, creating a harmonious space to share local knowledge and a love for namibia.