Oscar Cottet

A superb place with accommodation offering a magnificent view and exceptional service. Thank you again to Ravi for his warm hospitality. As for the surfing, it was an incredible experience thanks to our excellent instructor, Judo. Thank you again! - Sourced from Google Reviews

Patrik Jørgensen

I spent 6 great days at Dreamsea. The rooms are very nice, spacious and AC’ed. The service was great and the staff was always ready to help out with any issues. The food and drinks were good. What I especially liked was the close proximity to the beach and the surf lessons. I had the pleasure of having Judo as my instructor for 4 surf lessons and he taught me so much I didn’t know. His positive vibe makes every surf lesson super fun and he will take the time to teach you 1 on 1 if needed, which is really useful. All in all, I can highly recommend. - Sourced from Google Reviews

Stephanie Mathias

great surf camp - the hostel is beautiful, great food and Judo is the best surf teacher! Sourced from Google Reviews

Camille Rossi

Superb experience in the heart of Ahangama The place is superb, it’s a real little corner of paradise. The breakfasts are delicious! The place is peaceful and close to lots of other very nice places in Ahangama. Really go there with your eyes closed! - Sourced from Google Reviews

Isabel Pérez

Without a doubt, the best place to be in Ahangama Rooms: The well-kept rooms with wonderful decoration… dreamlike with unbeatable views. Nearby activities: In front of the beach where there are several surf spots Safety: Totally safe environment, essential if you travel alone Food & drinks: They offer the best food service you can find in the town. - Sourced from Google Reviews

Nuria Sánchez

The staff working there is wonderful. They are super attentive and do not neglect any details. - Sourced from Google Reviews


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